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Grown for Plantations & Re Vegetation

Lisa Blanch BSc(Hort) has 20 years experience as a Horticulturalist including research, plant pathology, nursery management, small business management and mining revegetation. Enthusiastic to be harnessing her past work experiences into an environmentally beneficial and creative focused nursery.

Our Shade house is professionally designed to include a heat reflective retractable roof, ensuring that any seedling you purchase from us will be properly sun hardened and ready for the rigours of field planting. All bench space is metal pipe and mesh, raised to waist height.  The floor is blue metal over plastic lining, eliminating any potential soil disease sources.

The water is pure spring water, pumped from an abundant supply deep under granite rock and previously licensed for bottling. Tests have shown the supply is abundant, reliable and free from all forms of contamination.
Propagation areas are clean and tidy, using metal benches over a concrete floor. Bagged NIASA approved soil is utilised at present, and all pots are bleached.
In short, every care has been taken to construct facilities of high standards, so you can fill your native seedling requirements confident that you are purchasing high quality, disease free stock. While we are not yet NIASA approved as yet, we intend to seek accreditation in the near future, and follow all of their recommendations closely.

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Talbot Native Nursery Location
1375 york williams road beverley (08) 9646 1716

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